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the industry is shifting...

Couples want to celebrate their love in a more intentional and intimate way...

with a micro wedding

...and they’re looking for wedding pros who understand their vision.
Small does not equal cheap, or boring though.
But it does equal the largest underserved market in the wedding industry.
❌ Here's the challenge ❌
Finding couples in this niche can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So most wedding pros and venues...

→spend tons of money on listings and features on those big vendor listing sites, hoping the right couples will find them among the hundreds of other vendors on the page

→ crank away on social media doing the content hustle just hoping to attract their dream clients

→try SEO, but results are slow, and they’re not sure if it’ll even work

What if you could be featured in a way that lets micro wedding clients know you’re the perfect fit for them and want to book with you quickly?

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Kelly Miller Studios

Over 350,000 weddings with less than 50 guests happen in the US every year

Imagine being able to book just a tiny fraction of that?!?!

Increasingly, couples turn to the microWED collective preferred vendor list to find their perfect vendor team.
It is possible to...
✅ Gain exposure to a targeted audience

Align your business with the growing micro wedding niche

✅  Stand out in a crowded market by being one of a dozen instead of one of hundreds

Grow your business with clients that are looking to celebrate their love in a unique and intentional way
That’s exactly what
helps you do
The first vendor list that gets you booked with more micro wedding couples
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Have we met? Hi, I'm Jennie.

And I am on a mission to create a space where couples planning a micro wedding can connect with wedding pros who love micro weddings, too.

2023 gave me a unique view into the wedding industry, both as a micro wedding bride and as the wife of an aspiring elopement and micro wedding photographer.

I immediately saw a gap.

I see wedding pros wanting to make the shift from big, traditional weddings to more intimate celebrations, but they struggle to connect with enough couples to fill their books with this niche.

Simultaneously, couples are looking for pros (and venues!) who know and love micro weddings (I was one).

They needed a space to come together…so I created microWED collective. I want to help you stand out from the crowd and get fully booked with your dream micro wedding clients.

Ready to partner up?

Here's how you know you're a perfect fit for the microWED directory
Values match
Please visit our About page to review our values to ensure we're aligned

Wedding Experience Transparency

We want to offer the opportunity for businesses at all stages to have a shot at being a part of the community. In the spirit of transparency for our couples, we require you to state how long you've been in business

You serve elopements or micro weddings

It's important that our couples can feel confident that the supplier they're reaching out to will say 'heck yes' to their intimate wedding vision. We understand that some of you may provide elopement specific services, or perhaps have a guest count limit that's less than 50. We'll provide an opportunity for you to list your max guest count in your listing so they can understand if you're a good fit before reaching out

You provide services the US
Right now we're focused on the US, but if demand is great enough we'll expand. Please reach out if you're interested and serve areas outside the US.
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How many leads will I get?

We don't guarantee, nor can we estimate how many leads you'll get, but you can be sure we're doing all the work to ensure we have the right couples hanging out on our site. If you're not getting any leads, feel free to reach out—I am happy to help ensure you're putting your best foot forward in your listing.

Will I be able to edit my profile whenever I want?

Yes! Just reach out via email and we can make whatever adjustments you'd like!

How will people contact me?

Your profile includes links to your social media profiles and your website.

Can I be featured?

Yearly subscribers get access to our exclusive member portal where you can submit to be featured and contribute to our resource libraray. Monthly members will gain access after 4 consecutive months of membership.

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