having a micro wedding?

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Lemme guess...
Your vision of a perfect day doesn’t fit what we’ve all come to understand to be “normal” and you’re tired of sifting through magazines, blogs, and websites of the same ol' thing.

Or you're tired of looking at package after package designed for 100 or more guests and minimums that far exceed what you need for your small wedding.

Or maybe you're just super excited to plan your petite soiree and you're looking for new inspiration.

Here's the thing...


and it's going to take something different to bring it to life.
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that's where we come in ...

microWED collective is the only wedding  website in the US that offers tools and resources specifically for

micro weddings and elopements

Your wedding planning experience doesn't have to be frustrating...or traditional
Stop wasting your time
everything here is for small weddings

We’re niche, on purpose.
Every blog, every tool, and every vendor in our directory supports pulling together an intimate wedding or elopement (~0-50 guests)

Get inspired with fresh ideas
you do YOU!

We do things differently around here. Our tools and resources are chock-full of new ways of thinking, and permission (like you even need that) to throw out tradition and do things your way

Find your vendor dream team
get supported

Connect with vendors who are as passionate about throwing small weddings as you are about marrying the love of your life

If you want to have a small, intimate wedding that is an undeniable reflection of you and your partner, you’ve come to the right place

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We've been right where you are...
It takes guts to go against the grain on something that is such a social norm. Choosing to have a small wedding can be a tricky decision for a couple to make–especially when the entire world has already told you how excited they are for your upcoming wedding and when the whole wedding industry seemingly favors big, grand, expensive, traditional events. We’ve been there.

microWED collective was created following having this very experience and we don’t want that for anyone else. Now there is a comprehensive tool available for couples planning a small wedding or elopement–just like you–so you can have a more seamless, less stressful experience planning your special day.
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