5 Ways to Attract More Micro Wedding Clients

Jennie Swenson; founder microWED collective & that microWED girl
Jennie Swenson
May 21, 2024

So, you’re looking for ways to attract more micro wedding clients? You’ve come to the right place.

With guest list counts continuing to trend down, it’s a smart pivot to begin to explore (or continue) serving this small but mighty niche.

This guide will give you some fresh ideas to find and attract more couples who are planning a small wedding.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Create community: Collaborate with other like-minded wedding pros
  • SEO: Optimize your website to speak to the needs of a couple planning a small wedding
  • Social Media: Ensure your social media channels make it clear what type of wedding you want to work on
  • PR: Find PR opportunities
  • Become a member of microWED collective

I launched microWED collective last year and have since had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of wedding pros in this space, as well as couples doing their planning. That, coupled with my experience planning my own micro wedding, and my experience developing business strategies for sustainable growth has led me to want to serve this community in a bigger way with resources to help you build a strong business by leveraging this niche.

Find Other Wedding Pros Who Love Small Weddings

Another way I got early traction with microWED was by collaborating with other brands. From my observation, this industry excels at collaborating, but I am going to help you take it a step further to maximize its effectiveness.

First, a quick bit of insight into the micro wedding couple. The number one reason for having a small wedding is to reduce stress, not to save money. So, the best thing you can do for them is to make their planning journey easier.

Find other brands in your area that love micro weddings, too.

  • Create packages with complementary services
  • Provide access to lists of other vendors you love working with
  • Leverage each other's social media presence to increase brand exposure and add value to both of your audiences by collaborating on posts or giveaways
  • Make friends with your “competition” to increase leads that come through by way of word-of-mouth

Advanced methodology: deep keyword research can expose really specific opportunities that no one else is touching.

I will say there’s a bit of an art to asking for a collaboration so be mindful when asking for a partnership or collaboration. You’ll want to ensure there’s mutual benefit and that you can clearly communicate your objective when reaching out.

Make Your Website Scream 'Micro Wedding'

This might sound super overwhelming, but hang with me for a sec. Your website is a really important pillar for consistent lead flow and your best opportunity to attract micro wedding couples.

In general, you’ll want to ensure your website makes it super clear who you want to work with. Micro wedding offerings are still a bit slim and if you can grab the attention of that couple right out of the gate you have a great chance of them becoming a lead.

  • Make sure your micro wedding offerings are easy to find and identify.
  • Generate content that helps micro wedding couples. Here are a few ideas based on my recent keyword research:
    • micro wedding venues in the area(s) you serve
    • how-to’s: have a backyard wedding, cut costs, find the perfect Airbnb/VRBO
    • all-inclusive micro wedding packages (as long as they don’t compete with your business)

Social Media Channels, Too

Make sure your social channels reflect the type of client you’re after and that you’re speaking to that client.

  • Optimize your bio to immediately help couples see what kind of people you like to work with.
  • Use hashtags in your posts so the algorithm knows who to show your posts to and so couples searching hashtags can find you. Remember, social media works like a search engine; treat it like one.
  • Go live or do some reels and stories where you talk about the unique challenges of planning a small wedding and how you can help. My best content is the content where I just hop on and spin some wisdom. It can feel a little intimidating at first, but people appreciate that connection so much.
  • Find or organize a styled shoot opportunity that reflects a micro wedding to use as content. (Just be sure to be transparent about the fact that it was a styled shoot.)

Make Your Brand Known For Micro Weddings

PR is not just for the big guys. Getting your name out into the community is always a good idea and most of the time it doesn’t cost you anything other than your time.

  • Start small: look for local publications, blogs, or podcasts
  • Offer imagery or other content that could benefit their audience
  • Get in the habit of trying to secure a few opportunities each quarter

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