Emily Beth Photo

Los Alamitos, CA

Hi! I'm Emily! I am an inclusive, joy-centered photographer serving you in Southern California and anywhere/everywhere, beyond. I am UNBELIEVABLY excited and passionate about being your photographer and to be a part of your story through creativity and real moments. I love your joy. I love your emotion and I want you to go back to the same place when you pull out that album to remember where it all began. After shooting so many massive weddings, I began to really take notice of what I loved most about the day itself. It wasn't the huge amount of guests or the grandiose of a ballroom on a golf course. It definitely wasn't the timed to the t scheduling that seemed to stress everyone out.  It was when my couples had time to breath and enjoy the moments by just BEING in their day, that I realized that in the intimacy of micro weddings and elopements was where my heart truly was. The focus was on one another surrounded by a beautiful beach or redwoods and a few of their dearest people. Everything felt lighter and more pure, as the day truly intends to be. It was then I realized this was exactly who I wanted to be working with-you, the micro-focused couple! I will be there for you and your partner from start to finish and beyond. I want my couples to feel like they're spending time with a friend who just happens to have a camera in her hand as opposed to someone you've hired to take a pretty photo. I'm here to help ease your nerves and offer a personal connection as you make your way through this wedded journey.